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Oil Changes for your Car

Are you Saving Money?

There seems to be an assumption in today's economy that if you can do something yourself you will save money. Sadly, when it comes to having your oil changed, a driver might not be saving as much as they think.

The expense of an at home oil change can really start to add up. Consider, for example, just how much gas you'll use up in your vehicle driving around town searching for the tools and parts to do the project. Take into account the expense of purchasing the parts that you'll need like the correct oil filter, the right oil, and other odds and ends for the job. Once it's all tallied up, it's likely that you've already spent just as much as you would have taking it to an automobile service shop. Then last, but certainly not least, there's still the actual amount of time it's going to take to get the job done to factor into the equation.

Are you Saving Time?

We all have busy schedules and hectic daily lives. So, it's understandable that most drivers don't want to be bothered by taking time out of their day to take their vehicle down to an automotive shop and wait for their oil to be changed. This is a big reason why many choose to change their oil themselves.

But, do you have the right tools, skill, and patience for the job? If you have changed your car or truck's oil before, it's probably not going to be too complicated to figure it out and get going on the project. But, if this is your first attempt at changing your own oil, there's a good chance that you're going to spend a chunk of time just trying to figure out what to do. The pressure is really on to do the job right, after all, you won't be going very far without any oil in your car.

Severe Driving Habits Increase the Frequency of Oil Changes

The big question to answer is how often should you change your oil? The old standard use to be every 3,000 miles, but with advances in scrap car High Wycombe oil and oil filters, recommendations have changed for some vehicles. It's best to read through your vehicle's owner's manual. Your automaker normally lists the recommended service intervals for oil changes in the owner's manual. Some manuals base their recommendations on normal driving habits and severe driving habits.

Severe driving habits include:

Frequent short trips - Journeys of less than 10 miles, especially when the engine does not reach its full operating temperature before the trips end

Dusty driving conditions - i.e. gravel & dirt roads

Driving at highway speeds during hot weather, keeping a constant speed

Towing trailers and heavy equipment, frequently

Driving in Traffic & Extensive stop-and-go driving

Driving in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold

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